Discourse Marker Wayfinding


Discourse marker wayfinding

This is the second part of my final major project. I wanted to champion 'the in-between', so with this is a statement piece, I made fillers and discourse makers the landmarks used for people to use to navigate around the Arts University Bournemouth campus. By using fillers and discourse markers as the landmarks it forces people to navigate using something that is 'in-between', therefore it immerses the user in a state of being 'in-between'.

Wayfinding App.

The app allows for first years to navigate around university with ease, finding their scheduled lectures and course info by linking to the MyAUB internal portal to the app. It could also be seen as a promotional element for open days. 


Wayfinding App

Wayfinding app website-07.png
Wayfinding app website-08.png
Wayfinding app website-06.png
Wayfinding app website-05.png
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Previous video

This is my first edit of the drone footage. I had to change some of the vinyl locations so that the discourse marker vinyls are at the entrances. This version is more up beat and showcases the uni and landmarks without a narrative.  

Mockups_poster_yd studio.jpg


The way I got to 'championing the in-between' was by analysing where 'because' comes in a sentence. I found that 'because' came in the middle of a sentence between two clauses. Like many things that are 'in-between' I found that they are often overlooked, such as the journey from one point to another or a gap in a wall. With this in mind I wanted to emphasis this notion of 'in-between'. 

I chose to use a Wayfinding system because there is a large emphasis on making your way from point A to point B, with less emphasis on the journey between when traveling.

In order to find the locations for the landmarks I asked people directions from one point to another around the uni campus and at the point they said a filler or discourse marker (e.g. umm, ah, er, okay, well) I noted down on the map where they said it.  


I used vinyl to show the words rather than motion tracking.