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About me.

I am a multidisciplinary graphic designer, I have a specific interest in branding, advertising, experiential and product design.

From what I learnt over the past few years is that a good idea drives the form or message to any project and is further pushed by curiosity. For me, I am encouraged by creating interesting and innovative work. Which usually means challenging myself to come up with an angle to a project that is different. Because of this, I am keen to learn and try as many things as possible to achieve that innovation.

For me, every project requires a different style of execution and I am a firm believer of accommodating to an target audience, this is why I have no identifiable style.

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Bloody Big Spider (Junior Designer): June 2018 - present

Bloody Big Spider (intern): April - July 2018

Elmwood (intern): November 2017

Spaceagency (intern): August - September 2017

The Syrup room (intern): June 2016

Freelance: October 2017January - May 2014   


Social Media Charity.

The Mountain way (Social Media): March 2017 to present

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Email: robscottgd@hotmail.com